Makes 2 gallons

1 Gal Boiling water-Dissolve ½ Pt Cold Roux (browned flour in vegetable oil to consistency of thin paste) NOTE: If roux is hot, dissolve in cold water. Boiling for approximately ½ hour and add:

1 pt. Chopped Onions
½ pt. Chopped Celery
½ pt. Chopped Parsley
½ pt Chopped bell pepper

Boil for additional ½ hour and add:

1 ½ lb. sliced smoked sausage
4 lb Peeled Shrimp
1 lb Crab Meat
1 pt. Oysters
2 pts Oyster water

2 gal Fill pot if necessary and add salt, Tabasco, red and black pepper to taste (don’t be shy!). Boil for additional hour at low boil, cut fire off and leave set for approximately 5 minutes. Skim excess fat and add Gumbo File` if desired and serve over rice.